Monday, May 28, 2012

Breakfast with the Cronks

  Breakfast in our house is filled with entertaining conversations. Usually comprised of the children asking for explanations to every step of the cooking process. Or more accurately, Jake tries to explain to the Princess what is it we are doing while making up his own words and phrases which he tells us is German and Rokkye yelling for everyone to get out so he can finish cooking. This mornings German lesson from Jake:
Omelet: Rhymes with olive so therefore it is German for an egg shaped like an olive.
Dooplopslup: Kendra needs a maid her room is stinky.

Yes, he is truly an individual with a great imagination.

During this time our resident diva and princess, Miss Kendra, has announced that she is the prettiest in all the land and therefore must absolutely have a new necklace and take cheerleading lessons this summer so that Justin Bieber will marry her.  To this Jake kindly replied, "Boooo, Ozzy is better!" 

Ah, the beautiful sounds of summer returning to Cronk-ia. We truly are blessed.