Thursday, August 30, 2012


Took Tiger to the vet, she's got a sinus infection from her allergies, she's got a huge bump on her head where they swelled up on her, they gave her a shot and some anti-biotics, costs me $50 but hey, ya do what ya gotta do for family, even kitties.
 Super Jake starts Kindergarten on Thursday and the Princess Kendra starts 2nd grade on Tuesday. Oh how time flies... It seems like when they are babies, you can't wait for them to get older, then they start talking and you just wish they would shut up and stop asking questions like "Mom, what exactly is a chicken nugget? What part of the chicken is that?" and of course, you wish you had time alone... then suddenly you are alone and then you miss them. Wonder what they are doing, if they are okay, pondering what in the world to do with yourself or who to talk to now that you have no conversation at all versus the "No" , "Stop that" and "Get down from there" that used to be part of your daily speech... ah how suddenly it all comes into focus and you wish you could have that chicken nugget conversation all over again. But what do we do? We carry on and realize that finally we can read that book or go back to work and somehow everything falls into place.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer in the suburbs

    Summer is eventful for our family, but this summer has already been truly remarkable. It began with our dryer's anniversary gift to my husband and I in the form of a fire. How in the world this happened it beyond me, but according to our local fireman it was "just your typical household dryer fire". Typical for him maybe since he is a fireman but having your dryer start on fire in the wee hours of the morning while your tossing back a few cold ones and trying to celebrate your wedding anniversary well that just does not sound typical to me. I know I have been obsessing over some of my favorite television shows from my younger days such as the original Beverly Hills, 90210 and Dawson's Creek lately but I did not realize that this would result in my life becoming an episode of it.   My Creek marathon has spawned a new favorite phrase for our dear Jake. Whenever someone is bothering him he doesn't hesitate to tell us to stop because we are "interrupting The Creek". To top off the crap sandwich that was June, with the fire and the intense cleaning the came afterward from all the smoke damage, July 4th we ended up sitting out in our garage with both kids in 110 degree weather while we waited for our Hero... the Xcel Energy Representative to rescue us from a gas leak. At least things seem to be calming down at least for me as I saw the doc this evening and he prescribed me three brand new prescriptions for sleep, happy, and calm. Hopefully the rest of July and August will continue to amaze me as well as bring a calm end to our adventurous beginning to our summer. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes of Cronk Family Drama LOL.  That's right folks... It's White Bear, 55110 aka Jakob's Lake.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Breakfast with the Cronks

  Breakfast in our house is filled with entertaining conversations. Usually comprised of the children asking for explanations to every step of the cooking process. Or more accurately, Jake tries to explain to the Princess what is it we are doing while making up his own words and phrases which he tells us is German and Rokkye yelling for everyone to get out so he can finish cooking. This mornings German lesson from Jake:
Omelet: Rhymes with olive so therefore it is German for an egg shaped like an olive.
Dooplopslup: Kendra needs a maid her room is stinky.

Yes, he is truly an individual with a great imagination.

During this time our resident diva and princess, Miss Kendra, has announced that she is the prettiest in all the land and therefore must absolutely have a new necklace and take cheerleading lessons this summer so that Justin Bieber will marry her.  To this Jake kindly replied, "Boooo, Ozzy is better!" 

Ah, the beautiful sounds of summer returning to Cronk-ia. We truly are blessed.