Thursday, August 30, 2012


Took Tiger to the vet, she's got a sinus infection from her allergies, she's got a huge bump on her head where they swelled up on her, they gave her a shot and some anti-biotics, costs me $50 but hey, ya do what ya gotta do for family, even kitties.
 Super Jake starts Kindergarten on Thursday and the Princess Kendra starts 2nd grade on Tuesday. Oh how time flies... It seems like when they are babies, you can't wait for them to get older, then they start talking and you just wish they would shut up and stop asking questions like "Mom, what exactly is a chicken nugget? What part of the chicken is that?" and of course, you wish you had time alone... then suddenly you are alone and then you miss them. Wonder what they are doing, if they are okay, pondering what in the world to do with yourself or who to talk to now that you have no conversation at all versus the "No" , "Stop that" and "Get down from there" that used to be part of your daily speech... ah how suddenly it all comes into focus and you wish you could have that chicken nugget conversation all over again. But what do we do? We carry on and realize that finally we can read that book or go back to work and somehow everything falls into place.

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